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    4 days ago Breakable Contours Of The Heart 2 Tammara Webber - [Free] Breakable Heart 2 Tammara Webber [PDF] [EPUB] Tammara Webber is an. Tammara Webber_-Breakable - dokument [*.pdf] Contents Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan Breakable by Tammara Webber Twisted by Emma Chase Be with Me by J. Lynn.

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    After reading Easy a few years back, I fell in love. With a guy named Lucas Maxfield. I am not always a fan of the same book from a different pov. I sometimes get bored because I know the story so to speak. It was a story divided. It almost felt like reading two books about two different guys who came together in the end.

    I l Jacqueline knew how to pick favorites. I love audio books and this one is well done. His voice added a wonderful dimension to the story. I loved his teenage girl voice for Carly because it made me laugh every time. Unfortunately I had a set back while listening to the CDs. My laptop cord shorted out and there aren't any stores close by that sell laptop cords. I ended up reverting to using my CD player in my vehicle.

    After I dropped my kids off at school I would listen to the CDs. I'd make sure to drive the long ways home so I could have more listening time. One time after arriving home I sat in the driveway and listened until I noticed the neighbors were looking at me.

    View all 62 comments. May 20, Jeanne rated it it was amazing Recommended to Jeanne by: Best Ever Audio Book!! I think most of my friends will think I'm crazy for saying this, but I loved this more than Easy.

    I liked the first book, but it wasn't an all time favorite or anything. I listened to this on audio, which definitely had a lot to do with my enjoyment of it. The narrator's voice is so dreamy, seriously, he sounds exactly like I would imagine Lucas's voice.

    The reason it t Best Ever Audio Book!! The reason it took me so long to listen to it is because I may have re-listened to certain parts before I moved on. Wink Wink. I'm in love with Lucas. I forgot how Lucas can make kissing seem so hot. I could feel their connection, and I love that she didn't use cheesy dialogue to achieve that.

    Also, this book is a little steamier than the first one. I have to be honest, I only read this because it was recommended to me by a friend who has very similar taste. When I first saw this book come out, my reaction was to eyeroll the POV change book: I never even added it. Another bonus is that you do meet the couple who are the subject of the new book coming out next week, Sweet.

    Also, at least for me, the story was so much more emotional and just different in his POV, it didn't feel repetitive like I assumed it would. The book goes back and forth between his POV in Easy, and his past life post his Mom's tragic death through his high school years.

    I'm not sure I'd want to read them back to back. I would recommend it to friends who would be interested in an in depth insight into Lucas's character. His relationship with Jacqueline is only in a little over half of the book.

    I thought the novel was beautifully written, I was much more impressed than I ever expected to be. Looking forward to our Sweet br!! View all 40 comments. Breakable by Tammara Webber follows the same storyline, essentially, as the previous novel, Easy. Easy was about Jackie, Breakable is about Lucas. Easy was awesome, Breakable is a messfest of creepernatural behaviour.

    Instead, Webber should write a novel on how to ruin a romance in three easy steps. Step one being obsessive stalking. Step two is a monotonous origins story for Lucas that holds as much interest as an inflatable kiddie pool. Fun for five Breakable by Tammara Webber follows the same storyline, essentially, as the previous novel, Easy.

    Tammara Webber

    Fun for five minutes before quickly becoming a waste of space and resources. I know I sound harsh. After all, I have essentially had one of my favourite new adult novels cruelly snatched from my warm, safe memory of loveliness.

    This, new, creeper twist to the tale is a mess. And rather like ostentatious flatulence, it pervades everything with its stench. All my old nostalgic recollections of the novel that breathed new hope into me for the genre. All the fondness I had for the characters and the triumph of a normal, healthy relationship has been ripped away.

    Lucas has been ruined forever for me. No longer is he the cool, hot, awesome college boy of my imaginings. Does she like me? Is she scared of me?

    Is that her getting an orange mocha frappacino for her first coffee of the day? What perfume is Jackie wearing? The allure with Easy was that Lucas was a romantic interest amongst other concerns that Jackie had in her day to day life such as passing her classes and not getting sexually assaulted. Lucas has no great story to tell and in doing so, his story becomes so uneventful and predictable that I spent five whole minutes whacking the book against my bed.

    That was a lot more fun than reading this book, by the way. You will almost certainly regret it forever. My only hope at this point is to suffer some horrific brain injury that causes an amnesia, forcing me mentally and emotionally go back to a time before I read this book. Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. View all 19 comments. May 20, Izia marked it as to-read Shelves: View all 7 comments.

    Jan 19, Didi rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved Easy, loved and adored Lucas, and this reaffirms why his story is so affecting, so earnest. This is a prequel and shoots between Lucas's life post losing his mother and present where he meets Jacqueline in university. AT ALL. The scenes with Lucas and Jacqueline were so fresh, even having read them in EASY, they were written differently enough and with such a different approach I felt I was reading something new.

    I loved being in Lucas's head, seeing his vulnerability and insecurities while watching Jacqueline from afar, and then his conflict over keeping her, actually believing he was worth her company long term. Those scenes where he doubted himself killed me. But nothing compares to how he was growing up, lost and feeling alone, in the coastal town he moved to with his father after his mother passed away. The 'growing up' or 'after mom' scenes were incredibly written.

    Those scenes started out not slow, but more methodically. But as he delved further into despair and lost touch with his spirit, my heart shattered for him. I teared up so many times during those past scenes because it was just so damn sad.

    It was like watching a train crash but in slow motion. Lucas's emotions and spiraling out of control actions undid me. I can't even explain how affected I became reading this. Beautiful and evocative writing, completely. Watching Landon then, and Lucas now, was incredible. His transformation no less than amazing.

    Lucas's relationship with his father, his close and nurturing relationship with Dr. Heller, his mind frame with Jacqueline. I loved Dr. Heller, what an incredibly giving and relentless man. And Boyce, what starts out as an antagonistic interaction blossoms into great friendship, he was a truly perceptive and wonderful friend. The guy is WOW. And the funny thing?

    I'm not into tats and piercings, but that boy's lip ring? I started this book happy, coasting along and found myself unable to put it down over halfway through.

    It peaked with Lucas's downward spiral and never let up. He is truly one the best male hero's I've read. The only thing I wished there was more of was an extended epilogue--it was beautiful but something more in the future would have satisfied me better.

    Regardless, loved it. View all 38 comments. I'm not going to tell you what this story is about because I am certain that everybody knows exactly the story of Jacqueline and Lucas.

    We saw how he saved her and how she fell in love with him. Now we're able to see the other side: A beautiful companion novel for one of the most brilliant NA books ever made. It was nice to see Luca past before co 3 Breakable Stars!

    It was nice to see Luca past before college but it seriously lacked an epilogue. I was hoping to see more of their future together, as normally happens with male POV companion novels. And well, I fell bored at some times. Writing Style: First person, dual POV. Amazingly written.

    Character Development: I already loved Lucas and that didn't change. Strangely enough I liked Jacqueline even more after seeing her through Lucas eyes, than in Easy. Some heated scenes. View all 11 comments.

    May 20, Monisha marked it as to-read Shelves: What is it with authors and this new trend to write alternate POV's without a simple warning?????? Not that I'm complaining View all 6 comments.

    Well, we wanted more Lucas and we got him but that's not always a good thing! The story is set up in alternating sections of Landon and Lucas with the incident being the starting point. So yes, this part is a retelling. The Landon parts are all new for the most part and are what happened in his life after the incident and before he goes to college. I enjoyed the Lucas parts I t Well, we wanted more Lucas and we got him but that's not always a good thing!

    I think one of the things I liked about Lucas was he was a bit of a mystery, well, not anymore. And I'm not so sure I liked the Landon parts I wanted him to be different and really he was very stereotypical I'm just not sure I enjoyed reading about some of his exploits. I really wanted to know more about Lucas when he started cleaning up his act and we don't really get that.

    It also would've been great to maybe have more scenes with him and Jacqueline although I must admit, I really liked reading about how much she affected him and right from the get-go. It ends in a good spot but again, a little more would've been nice.

    And unfortunately fortunately? TW's website says that "maybe" there will be more books in the series but not about those two. I'm thinking Boyce would be a good guess.

    Tattoos make statements that need to be made. Because I'm trying my best to prolong it. View all 34 comments. Apr 23, Kim Bailey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Finally finished the audio! Zachary Webber is amazingly talented I wish he could narrate all audio books. I could seriously listen to him all day Not much more to say really I'll be reading Sweet very soon. View all 24 comments. May 11, Whitney Atkinson rated it liked it Shelves: I adore Easy. I adore this story.

    But this companion was pretty unnecessary.

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    The first book offers such a flawless perspective on rape and consent, and this book seemed like it was just a tribute to learning more about Lucas rather than actually offering a moral like Easy did. I would suggest skipping this one, unless you really wanna hear more about Lucas's backstory. But a lot of the time I was bored and the book is literally the same as the first one, so you're not missing anything, even if y I adore Easy. But a lot of the time I was bored and the book is literally the same as the first one, so you're not missing anything, even if you loved Easy and were interested in this.

    I'm very sorry guys, but this is what I thought of Breakable: While I was curious about some things from his past i. Well, that, and the very slow pacing and needless and unnecessary information from Lucas' "Landon" days that I just didn't need to know. If anything, all I wanted to see was the w 2.

    If anything, all I wanted to see was the who, what, when, and where he met Jacquelyn, what he was thinking throughout everything and why he did things the way he did, and perhaps some post Easy glimpses. That, I already knew what happened to him as he tells Jacquelyn in Easy: Keller who turned him around. Ugh, this was such a draggy read.

    May 20, Linda marked it as to-read Shelves: MAY 6, !

    Tammara Webber

    When he met Jacqueline Wallace, his desire to be everything she needed came so easy… As easy as it could be for a man who learned that the soul is breakable and that everything you hoped for could be ripped away in a heartbeat. It can be read as a stand-alone of its own, or as a companion to EASY.

    Dusan Novakovic I am planning to write Lucas's story including prequel and some Easy overlap later this year, and hope to have it out in early View all 4 comments. Lucas' story is heartbreaking like no other He's perfection, but I have conflicted feelings about this book…. His past is new, but many of the sections with Jacqueline felt a little repetitive, if I'm completely honest. The most enjoyable aspect of Breakable is when we hear the voice of Landon, the past. One problem is they don't feature Jacqueline in any way?

    It felt a little like I was reading two separate books and I think that's where my main struggle lies. I understand what the author was aiming for but, personally, I would've preferred a prequel and then maybe a novella about life after Easy??

    Easy, the love story of Lucas and Jacqueline, will always have a special place in my book heart. Let me share my lovely feelings. I loved hearing the life and times of his younger days. His thoughts on what had happened in his tragic past; heartbreakingly sad and beautiful story telling.

    It bought the story back to my heart. View all 47 comments. Apr 19, Tough Critic Book Reviews rated it really liked it. When doubts become ignorance, and ignorance becomes awesome…. I didn't TBR Breakable insert audible gasp here. Nope, I did not. It's a commonality of late, take your best seller, write it from a different POV usually the male's and new life is breathed into an already told story.

    Don't get me wrong, several authors have been very successful in doing this, and I've love When doubts become ignorance, and ignorance becomes awesome…. Don't get me wrong, several authors have been very successful in doing this, and I've loved some of the literary reboots that I've read, but with my ever growing TBR list, who has time for it? So here it goes…. Are you ready for this? Really ready for this?

    This was not Easy. It was so much more. This was Lucas's story. I enjoyed getting to see the parts of Easy from his POV, but it was his beginning that had me so captivated.

    This was the beginning. Now with the risk of contradicting myself, I will say that I still recommend reading Easy first. The reason is, I feel like this book was written on the assumption that the reader has already read it.

    Yes, technically it could be read as a standalone, but the parts of Easy weren't as developed as the original book's, and by experiencing them through Breakable some of what I loved about Easy , the emotion, the overall experience, will be lost. You're first experience with Easy should be through Easy. This is just my personal opinion so take it or leave it.

    Breakable was amazing, and I truly feel it did nothing but make this series even better. It was a completely new book, a totally new experience.

    There was so much about Lucas that I didn't know, so many layers. Getting to experience his life, and the life that brought him to Jacqueline, was the best gift the author could have given us.

    We also get some additional Lucas and Jacqueline scenes, and closure that was only made possible through this fast paced and emotional edition. I'm so glad my ignorant doubt was replaced by awesome. Well done Ms. Well done!

    My review of Easy Contours of the Heart, 1 https: More reviews at: View all 9 comments. Nov 09, Anja H. Of course I didn't adore it as much as Easy but this came pretty close! Since this was a retelling, but from Lucas' POV instead of Jacqueline's, I already knew most of what was going to happen, but there were small parts and events added that were only briefly mentioned during the first book so that was pretty cool.

    I also loved reading about what Lucas was feeling throughout everything that happened in the first book. This book made me love Lucas even more, which I didn't think was even possible! Ugh, he's just so perfect and caring and totally book boyfriend material! It was so beautiful to read how Lucas' and Jacqueline's relationship progressed and became something way deeper than a simple infatuation. This book also taught me not to judge a book by its cover.

    Maybe some people's piercings and tattoos hide a story or a past that you don't know about and it doesn't mean that they're delinquents or bad people, like some people immediately associate them with. I also loved Lucas' character development. Each chapter in this book was divided in a Lucas and a Landon part and towards the end of the book, you gradually saw both personas come together and become the Lucas we know from Easy.

    We get to know a lot more about Lucas' haunting past and how he became the person he is today. It was really interesting to see him understand what real love is and what made him decide to leave his old life behind and try to become a better person. This was an incredible emotional rollercoaster that I'm sure a lot of people are going to love!

    It's truly a story you can connect with since it touches some really sensitive subjects like rape, murder, drugs and sex.

    I'm definitely reading the third and final book in this series someday. Sadly, Sweet isn't about Lucas and Jacqueline anymore, who I've gotten really emotionally attached to, but instead it's about Pearl and Boyce. Anyway, I'm already pretty sure I'm going to love it! View all 3 comments. May 23, Ferdy rated it it was ok Shelves: Spoilers Disappointing.

    I loved Easy , it was well written, the romance was believable, and the characters were likeable. I enjoyed reading certain parts of Landon's past thoug Spoilers Disappointing. I enjoyed reading certain parts of Landon's past though — like his relationship with his family but everything else in his past was utterly rubbish.

    I especially hated reading about his pathetic, violent, drugged up, whorey past — it was rather vile. Which was annoying since Landon said in Easy that he hadn't been in love or had strong feelings for a girl before — yet he was crazy about Melody, he seemed to have more real and believable feelings for her than Jacqueline. Also, I really disliked reading about him sleeping around — especially when he told Jacqueline he wasn't that much of a manslut, she had a right to know how much he slept around and if he'd been tested for STD's.

    Their whole relationship just seemed ridiculous, what with him sleeping with hundreds of girls and her only ever having one sexual partner, it made them come across as even more of an unsuitable and odd couple. It honestly seemed like he didn't really see Jacqueline as anything other than a beautiful nice girl that he wanted to protect and play hero with. The connection they had in Easy was obviously one sided since Landon didn't really see Jacqueline as an actual person.

    Loads of people have them and no-one blinks an eye yet all the characters in Breakable acted like it was oh so scandalous. It was strange. All in all, I wasn't impressed. I used to love Landon, and his relationship with Jacqueline but now I kind of hate both. View all 13 comments. Nov 18, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read Shelves: It is not a sequel and can be read as a stand-alone, or as a companion to EASY. Frat guy. Casual but affluent clothes, expensive haircut, self-important smile, perfect teeth and the requisite cute girlfriend.

    Likely majors: econ, poli sci, finance. He annoyed me on sight. Often the brightest students made up most of the group.

    So there I sat — bored off my ass on the back row, working on assignments from my senior-level courses, sketching out design-project ideas, keeping an ear on where the lecture was going so I could stay on topic during my sessions, and resolutely ignoring my pointless dislike of the conceited sophomore sitting in the centre of the class with his accessory of a girlfriend.

    But by the end of that first week, my attention was straying to her. Since childhood, drawing has been a comforting diversion, and sometimes an escape. All I know was that by the time I was five or six, paper and pencil were my way of relating to the world.

    My personal form of meditation. Once I began college, most of my drawings became mechanical or architectural in nature — probably unavoidable, given my mechanical-engineering studies. But even in my free time, I rarely sketched bodies or faces any more. I had little desire to do it. Until her. Entering and exiting class, her boyfriend sometimes held her hand. But it was like he was holding a lead, not the hand of a girl he cared about.

    Before class, he talked football, politics, music and frat particulars like rush or upcoming parties with other guys like him and guys who wanted to be like him.

    Nearby girls bestowed sidelong glances he pretended to ignore. She was beautiful, sure, but in a university with thirty thousand undergrads, that was hardly riveting. If not for my initial annoyance with her boyfriend, I might never have noticed her at all.

    Once I realized how often my gaze drifted over her, I consciously fought the inclination — but it was no use. There was nothing in the room as interesting as this girl. What fascinated me first and foremost were her hands. Specifically, her fingers.

    In class, she sat next to him, wearing a loose smile, sometimes quietly conversing with him or others nearby. During those moments, though, her hands — her fingers — were performing. Carlie was forever tapping a fingernail or a foot, jiggling a knee, talking. Her movements were methodical. Sitting far enough to the left of her to study her profile, I watched her chin bob, so subtly it was almost undetectable — and at some point, I realized that when her expression was remote and her fingers were moving, she was hearing music.

    She was playing music. Jackie and Kennedy? No one could be that shallow. I thought back to this morning at the end of class. He could absolutely be that shallow.

    I touched a finger to her name. No open circle. No little heart. And there was the eye roll after his Hey, babe. What the hell was I even thinking? This girl was a student in the class I tutored.

    She was off-limits, at least for the remainder of the semester. They were both sophomores, according to the roll sheet. So I did what any normal stalker would do.

    I looked her up online and found a locked-down profile. But his was wide open.

    Tammara Webber · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

    Kennedy Moore. In a relationship with Jackie Wallace. No anniversary listed, but there were photos tagged of her — not just over the past year, but before that. I worked backwards, growing progressively pissed off for no good reason.

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