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For each JLPT level you can download a free kanji poster as a PDF file optimised for the screen or as a PDF file optimised for print as large wall posters. And these are at the very bottom of the poster, so probably these are the only extraneous ones. (Although I would say that no non-joyo kanji will. Generate large kanji/hanzi-posters using dictionary files. PDF, TIFF) are hosted here: I recommend using 'nip2'.

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Joyo Kanji Poster Download

The kanji posters I had on my walls back in the day were from Rolomail Now, what's so good about a KanjiPoster kanji poster? . Wow it does sound nice a big but, $35 for a poster of the jouyou kanji seems a bit pricey. A wall poster with all Joyo kanji, their main meaning in English, and both くんよみ I believe you can also download the big charts, too.:). Joyo Kanji Wall Poster. We've updated our Kanji Wall Poster to align with our Series 3 Kanji Flashcards. Now the kanji are ordered by frequency, so you learn .

Because of this I have been watching Japanese movies and shows, listening to Japanese songs, and not been feeling guilty about it. Top notch stuff. Dazyrue April 21, at Wow. Comments have gotten way off topic, huh. Well just want ya to know, from someone who has bought the poster, that it kicks ass!!! The kanji, even though there are so many, are easy to read, and its nice you can write on it. Worth the money, I think. I got really excited about this website and posted a comment in the wrong place. Dazruyue, how long did it take to ship?

If you follow Heisig's order, I don't think you need this radical deck as you learn radicals along with kanji. Info Included: -English meaning, reading onyomi, kunyomi, nanori. Nanori is for reference, has separate line with kunyomi.

The Fastest Way to Learn the Kanji

The lower the frequency is, the more popular the kanji is. Note 3: Each note in this deck has 2 cards, recognition and recall. If you find that inefficient or want to focus on reading kanji, you can delete or suspend all recall cards. Just go to Browser, sort by card type, choose the cards and hit 'suspend' or 'delete'. Update Aug Important - Reordered the whole deck to a more logical order.

Previous order is by grade then onyomi. If you update from the older version of this deck, remember to check database under "Tools" tab after updating.

Just choose your preferable way of learning.

However, in my personal opinion, learning kanji outside jouyou list just doesn't make sense, those kanji will take you a LOT of time to learn and even doesn't help you much in reading general japanse. So it's my advice that if you use the RTK order of this deck, you should suspend all kanji outside jouyou list maybe just unsuspend the primitives that help you remember later kanji.

Update Jan Added reference link to Tangorin site, Jisho. Also made a little change to the card format. If you start from beginning, you can choose between that new deck and this original deck the first kanji in that deck is almost the same as the first in this deck, except for the different order. Reply to some comments: Thanks for your comments so that I can improve the deck :.

The characters are actually Chinese characters that the Japanese began to adopt well over 1, years ago. The unique thing about Kanji is that the characters have meaning, as opposed to how hiragana and katakana are simply used to represent sounds. The other unique thing about them is that there are thousands of them! How can we ever hope to do it? How can we, in a year, master something that Japanese people themselves are expected to learn only by the end of high school?

I mean, look at all of them: Ok, sorry. That was cruel. Forget you ever saw that picture. I know what I always used to think: Is it possible?

Kanji Wall Poster Series 3 by White Rabbit Press

The answer is yes. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the best way to study the kanji fast. And, truth be told, there are a lot of good ways to study the kanji. Not only that, but it took me longer than 97 days to learn them.

It took me a lot longer, because I kept trying different study methods, never thinking that I was on the right track to learning all of the kanji. Stroke by Stroke This is how a lot of Japanese classes will encourage you to learn the kanji.

Seriously, this is torture.

Learning Each Kanji as a Whole Kanji are made up of parts… and those parts have meaning. So you should learn the parts first, then the kanji as a whole. Not only that, but they want money for it, too. There are a ton of useful kanji study tools and methods out there.

All in One Kanji Deck

But the only way to learn kanji fast and effectively is to combine the best ones. Not only that, but you also need to be sure to use them in a very particular manner. Why these three tools? Well… Anki Flashcards will keep us from forgetting what we learn. Reviewing the Kanji will save us from having to write our own, time-consuming, ineffective kanji stories and mnemonics.


Used together, these three tools can speed up your kanji acquisition exponentially. When used together the right way, they leave you with the fastest way to learn the kanji. Even the Best Way Will Not Be Easy I could go on for pages and pages about why I chose the following method of study as opposed to one of the plethora of other options.

The bottom line, though, is that I think this is the fastest way possible to learn and retain the meaning of each of the 2, Joyo Kanji. Concepts make more sense.

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